MIDNIGHT’S KISS by Thea Harrison

MIDNIGHT’S KISS by Thea Harrison
Midnight's Kiss
by Thea Harrison

Series: Elder Races #8
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Julian is the Nightkind King after taking over as the heir from his sire. Julian trusts very few people, so he isn’t really surprised when an attempt to over throw him happens.  What does surprise him is who is behind the actions and just how the coup is taking place.  Now, two of the few people that Julian let into his life have been harmed: one, his right hand man, and the other, the woman he all but gave his heart to.


Melisande (“Melly”) is the heir to the Light Fae Queen, and she is a mostly light hearted person.  When Melly is kidnapped by someone she considered a friend, her first reaction is that it must have been a mistake or a way to get her mother’s attention.  However, as Melly’s personal nightmare goes on, she understands that not only was her taking intentional, but that it has absolutely nothing to do with her mother.  No, she has been taken to be bait to the one man that Melly thought she could love with her entire heart until, for some reason, he turned her away without hearing her side.


Julian was about to start his hunt of the instigator of coup for his crown when he is contacted by the Light Fae Queen and then discovers that Melly has been taken.  Julian might not believe Melly ever loved him now, but he will do anything to protect her and save her from the mad woman who has her—even give himself up.  The nightmare just gets worse as Melly finds out that Julian is willing to surrender himself for her safety.  Teamwork is how Julian and Melly escape and make it to Julian’s home, only to discover that the coup has taken another turn that could lead to yet more innocent deaths.  During this time, when it should be the darkest time for both Julian and Melly, they discover that their love is stronger than ever, and then they discover the betrayal which led to the misunderstandings and hurt feelings.  In one drastic day and night, Julian and Melly find a way to not only permanently end the coup and stop anyone who might think to restart it, and they also deal with any barrier to their love forever.


Royalty comes in many shapes and sizes when you are dealing with the Elder Races.  Two of these examples are the Nightkind King, an old Roman soldier, and a Light Fae Princess and heir to the crown, an actress who loves life—not exactly a twosome you would expect to be a couple.  Yet, Julian and Melly will prove just how wrong you are in Midnights Kiss.  I wondered just how the attempted coup would go on after reading the prior book in the series where it began, and I also wondered just how Julian would react.  Vampires are long-lived, and you would think they would remember that Romans took over the majority of the known world during their time for a good reason.  I wasn’t at all surprised by how Julian took the coup and the harm to his friends, yet even I was surprised at how he reacted when Melly was drawn into the danger. Even more enjoyable was watching as a person who seemed like a lightweight prove just how well she was matched to her lover, Julian.  I loved watching as they not only overcame the betrayal that tore them apart years ago, but also seamlessly teamed up to kick butt and take names and heads to defeat any and all risk to the Nightkind.  Even better, I had to smile as yet another relationship was given the chance to heal for Julian at the end of the book.  Midnights Kiss is full of action, danger, and passion almost from the first page to the last. For me, it was a story that I read in one sitting just because I couldn’t stop turning the pages.  I will bet that you will love Julian and Melly by the time you turn the last page. I know I did.

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