MINDSCAPE by Tal Valante

MINDSCAPE by Tal ValanteMindscape by Tal Valante
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Riptide Publishing


Growing up on a dangerous mining colony planet Mark Sayre wants a better, safer future for his younger brother.  To get the best paying job available Mark enlists in the Inter-Stellar Navy, otherwise known as the Space Navy or Spavy.


On Mark’s first assignment he’s promoted to pilot aboard the Cyclops under the command of Tactical Officer Shane Cawley.  His T.O. comes from a long line of military officers and rebuffs Mark’s overtures because of regulations.


Mark excels so that he can become an officer and returns to the Cyclops to pursue the feelings bouncing between him and Shane.  At first Shane is slow to come around, but eventually succumbs to Mark’s charms.  As lovers they discover they share Resonance, a one in a ten thousand mental connection.


They’d hoped to serve together till retirement but the war with the Redorens, a telepathic race, changed everything.  Shane is badly injured and out of commission.  Mark continues the fight until he’s captured by the enemy.  Eventually Shane heals and Mark is rescued, but it’s too late his mind is gone.  Shane is warned against using his Resonance link with Mark in case he becomes trapped within his lover’s mind.  As time passes with no end in sight Shane throws caution to the wind.  All that matters is reclaiming his love.  No matter the cost.


A genuine love is tested to the limit in Mindscape.  The story is told in turn by Shane and Mark, flipping from the past to the present.  Honest feelings of lust turned to love and also despair mixed with hope. Their heartache is palpable, their love undeniable.  Mindscape is a thoughtful, futuristic romance that shines.

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