MINE by HelenKay Dimon

MINE by HelenKay Dimon
by HelenKay Dimon

Series: Holton Woods #3
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher


Natalie Udall has worked for the CIA for years and always assumed she would be a lifer.  That is, until she followed her instincts and located a mole within the CIA.  Before it was over, she had lost all but two of her team and to keep them safe, she sacrificed her career.  Now it’s time to begin her new life, but first Natalie discovers that her attorney has hired a bodyguard/security expert to make sure that the CIA is going to keep their part of the agreement.  Natalie has never been a follow-woman, and she isn’t about to start now.


Gabe MacIntosh joined the army as a teenager needing a stable source of income and a way to provide for his son and became a top sniper.  Now he is out, and he is the owner of Tosh Industries, a security company.  Gabe usually is behind the scenes running several assignments that his company is doing.  But something about Natalie draws Gabe, and he decides that he will be the one to keep her safe during this transition.  Good thing, too, because, of course, some people in the CIA are worried about the knowledge that Natalie has, and  they are all but about to break their agreement.


Gabe pulled an old trick to get Natalie to the safe house in the middle of nowhere, but that placed the two of them totally alone and the tension between them grows minute by minute.  Then Gabe learns that someone has hired another company to track Natalie and see what she is doing, a no-no, and of all the companies—it’s his older brother’s, a brother that right now Gabe would love to just make disappear.  Natalie and Gabe finally give into their feelings thinking they can keep it to sex only, yet as they begin to know one another, their feelings go way beyond that.  With the safe house discovered, Gabe takes Natalie to the one place he knows he can keep her safe:  his house.  Natalie learns exactly why Gabe is on the outs with his brother, and she learns the truth about his son.  Gabe is facing some serious issues: he isn’t ready to face the problem with his brother and he is more than ready to open his life to Natalie, both of which will change his life forever.  To get everyone past this family conflict, it will take Natalie stepping up.  The question is, when she acts and it comes out in the open, will it solve the problems, or will it be the action that will tear her and Gabe apart once and for all?


When two strong people are forced into cohabitation, will their passion win the day, or will what make them so strong be the very thing that will drive them apart?  Gabe and Natalie will find the answer to this very question and many others in Mine.  Natalie gave up all she knew to save remaining team members from their bosses in the CIA.  Gabe was hired to keep Natalie safe, and now he is going to do it because of what he feels for her.  I really enjoyed watching as Natalie and Gabe both struggled with their attractions and then slowly found the way to become a couple.  Both of them had luggage from their pasts that could have kept them apart and yet, I found that those same pasts were how they became who they were and it gave them the way to overcome what could have been seen as betrayal and forge a future that will hopefully bring the entire MacIntosh family back together.  Mine does have a strong suspense aspect and yet, I found that for me, it fell in to the background and, instead, it was the growing relationship between Natalie and Gabe that held my attention, along with the many subplots of those around them.  It’s a great way to pass a few hours and escape into Gabe and Natalie’s world.

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