MINE by Stacey Kennedy

MINE by Stacey Kennedy
by Stacey Kennedy

Series: Club Sin #7
Published by Loveswept Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Dmitri Pratt is the owner of Club Sin, and he is one of the six Masters.  Dmitri is finally living his life as he’s always wanted. He is at the top of his profession, his BDSM club is all that he wanted it to become and, best of all, he has found his ultimate Sub in Presley.  And then one night, it was all threatened, which is something that Dmitri will not accept without fighting for it—no matter what.


Presley Flynn has fallen in love with her life since accepting Dmitri as her love and her Dom.  Now she only works a couple of days a week and donates her time to a cause she believes in on the other days, and her nights are all filled with Dmitri and Club Sin on the weekends.  Presley knows that something horrible has happened when the club is unexpectedly shut down but, like a good Sub, she waits to question Dmitri until after they were home.  She never expected how her life would be turned upside down by a simple question.


Dmitri and the other Masters immediately start to find out who is behind the threat to Club Sin and its members and how to end the threat.  Dmitri is so focused on solving the issue that he does the one thing he swore never to do—he ignores Presley and then almost hurts her.  Presley might be the submissive in this couple, but she is not push-over, and she is not about to allow Dmitri to treat her like a second thought. She takes steps to make sure he knows it.  Dmitri has eliminated the threat and the reason behind it and now takes the steps necessary to bring Club Sin back safer than ever for everyone.  Now, all he wants is to fall into Presley’s arms and love, only to find out he has another situation and this time, love is on the line.  Can Dmitri find a way to show Presley that she is his everything and to give her all she deserves, or has he destroyed that trust which is so necessary in both love and BDSM forever?


Dmitri and Presley had a love and life that neither thought could be threatened and yet, that is exactly what happened in Mine.  Ever since I learned that the last story in the Club Sin series was about Dmitri and Presley, I have waited to see just how their love would have grown.  I was happy to see that they were great, and then I was struck as I watch them begin to unravel.  I knew that Dmitri could be single-minded, but I was amazed to see just how far he could go.  I cheered for Presley as she put herself first even as I hoped that she and Dmitri could find a way to work it out.  And man, did Dmitri find a way to not only solve the Club Sin issues, but to also prove to Presley, once and for all, that she was and would always be first for him forever.  This book might have ended the Club Sin series, but it ended with a bang and exactly as it had to in my opinion—with the couple it began with.  Mine is full of tension, both passion-filled and nerve-filled, the love of great friends, and best of all, the passion-filled love between two soulmates.  Just sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy a great story.

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