MIRANDA’S MATE by Ann Gimpel

MIRANDA’S MATE by Ann Gimpel
Miranda's Mate
by Ann Gimpel

Series: The Company Store #1
Published by Liquid Silver Books Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Miranda has retired from the special forces and is now trying to get full agent status in The Company.  It’s an agency that goes after people that governments can’t.  Miranda’s job has always meant keeping secrets and she has kept a big one her entire life.  Miranda is a wolf shifter and being a known shifter means anyone can take you out.  Not even the military knew just what Miranda really was.  It’s going to be even harder to keep that secret after she barely escapes an undercover job in Amsterdam and can’t tell her new boss just how she got away.

Gavin has been watching Miranda since she hired on.  She is everything he loves in a woman but she also works for him and that places her on the “no touch” list.  That all changes when Miranda is seriously hurt on a job.  Gavin is just about to offer Miranda a chance to take her final test in becoming a full operative but he and all his top agents have one thing in common and unless he can tell that Miranda also carries that secret – Gavin is holding off. 

When passion explodes on a plane trip both Gavin and Miranda try to put each other back into the employer/employee status.  However, once that particular genie is out of the bottle can you really ignore it?  A new lead on the same ring that Miranda helped to destroy in Amsterdam leads to another off shoot and she steps up to be the lead in the operation.  Gavin knows that Miranda could do it, but unless she is in the inner circle Miranda will be working without the same advantage the rest of the inner team has.  Miranda is thrilled to have her chance at the final testthat will allow her to become part of the inner circle of agents at last, but has no idea if she pasted or just became enemy number one when it’s over – that is until Gavin opens up about what it was about.  Miranda just found out the ultimate secret about The Company just in time for her covert operation.  Now it’s time to take down the bad guys and figure out if the passion between her and Gavin is the lasting kind or not.  When the operation goes south, Miranda is going to find out not only Gavin’s other major secret but just what is really between them and it’s a biggie.

The line between employer/employee doesn’t stand a chance when fate has decided what your future will be and with whom.  Gavin and Miranda learn this the hard way in Miranda’s Mate.  The name of the game is secret with covert companies that take the hard cases, but in The Company’s case it seems that there are secrets and then there are SECRETS.  I watched as both Miranda and Gavin had to learn to reveal not only their most closely held personal secrets but to trust each other with their most important gift – their hearts.  I found Miranda to be the spunky female lead I love in action packed stories.  Gavin had me going back and forth for the longest time on if he was worth the angst Miranda was going through, but as the story unrolled I found out that he was more than worth it.  I really enjoyed how Gavin solved his rules problem on where Miranda fit in the Company.  Miranda’s Mate is packed with suspense and a passion filled attraction all while keeping the eye on taking out the bad guys.

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