MISTER BLACK by P. T. Michelle

MISTER BLACK by P. T. Michelle
Mister Black
by P. T. Michelle

Series: In The Shadows #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Military
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Talia was saved and really given her second chance by a sexy young stranger at a time in her teens when she thought life was lost.  She named her savior “Blackie” and kept the gift he gave her at that time.  Several years later, Talia is a reporter for her college paper and is trying to find a way to interview a student who might or might not have been involved in her roommate’s death.  A timely masquerade is her answer and to go with her red hair, she goes as little red riding hood.


Sebastian is home on leave from the Navy and is convinced by his family to participate in the masked party they are having.  He never expected to come across a mysterious and sexy woman dressed as little red riding hood or that their meeting would lead to hot and erotic passion and even more mysteries.  Especially when Sebastian decides to trust her and let her talk to his half-sister about the death that drove her home from college.


That night turns out very complicated with hot erotic passion, the memory of a past rescuer being found again and a budding chance at what could be a romance and relationship that will live with Talia and Sebastian forever – that is if the stars and fates allow them to meet again.


A chance encounter that originally changed Talia’s life happens a second time with the same man in Mister Black.  What are the chances that the same man would just step into Talia’s life twice and that he would have the same effect the second time?  That was my initial response when Talia and Sebastian or rather Scarlet and Mr. Black met at the masquerade several years after their first encounter.  The tension was thick and their encounter became both erotic and red hot while at the same time I could tell that they both understood that those feelings could become much, much more if given the chance.  The relationship was left hanging but in such a way that I just know that Scarlet and Mr. Black will meet up again and it will probably be much steamier the next time.  Mister Black kept me full of suspense from the first meeting through the time they were torn apart once again and talk about steamy and full of tension.  This is a serial that will only go up from here and I can’t wait to see the next time Scarlet and her Mr. Black meet up.

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