MONSTER by Erik Clarke

MONSTER by Erik Clarke
by Erik Clarke

Series: Spellbound #2
Published by Totally Bound Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Syler Rike is well known as one of the best in his field.  As a Hunter for the magical law enforcement agency he is sent by the High Council to apprehend the worst of criminals.  His talent as a powerful Fire Elemental is well documented and useful when cornering his prey.  Syler’s most recent collar caused spectacular repercussions.  It was so bad the High Council put Syler on suspension and sent him to the town of Kelvin to await trial.


Once he arrived in town Syler made his way to Seethe as instructed and came face to face with his past, with the only man he’s ever loved and then abandoned.  It’s been six years since Syler set eyes on were-shifter Max York.  Prickly and argumentative as usual Syler wants nothing to do with Max who’s assigned as his minder.  He’s also expected to work at Seethe, a bar owned by the local vampire coven.


The idea is to lay low and await the High Council’s pleasure, but the longer Syler’s in Kelvin the more suspicious activity comes to light.  Something is happening in town. The paranormal community is walking on eggshells.  Kelvin is a powder keg but why?  Nothing however compares to Max’s announcement to the Fire Elemental.  It’s enough to extinguish any flames, right?


Excellent character development set within a high octane storyline, Monster demands attention.  Syler Rike is a pain in the ass, plain and simple.  He’s a driven man who only feels whole with Max York.  The Fire Elemental’s professional future is on the line.  His personal life hangs in the balance too.  The world these characters live in is complex and fascinating.  A suspense filled mystery Monster features flawed characters who come to life.  A genuinely satisfying story.

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