Moonlight Rapture
by Lee Pearce

Published by Passion In Print Press Genres: Erotica, Paranormal

Reviewed by Nikita Steele

Loved by werewolf Brad and Victor, a vampire, Julie, stricken by a deadly disease, needs both men to survive. Upon the murder of her father, Julie becomes Matron of a rural ranching town where supernaturals co-exist with humans. The neighboring wolf pack wants Julie, the only adult female, for procreation but whenever her body tries to shift, she nearly dies. Only Victor's rapture numbs her body to the pain. She knows to continue her own lineage she must convince Brad to share her with Victor for without both, she cannot live, unless the murderer gets to them first.

Plagued with the same deadly disease that killed her mother, Julie knows that her death could happen at any given moment and to top that off, as a werewolf she is unable to shift.  To complicate matters even further, Julie is equally in love with two different men – Brad, a fellow werewolf who unknowingly provides some sort of normalcy in her life; and Victor, who just happens to be the vampire that eases her pain whenever her body tries unsuccessfully to shift into a werewolf. 


Fairly new to the community, Brad is hesitant to join the local pack and prefers to remain a lone werewolf, which, in turn, makes him less trustworthy among the township’s clan.  Nevertheless, he falls completely in love with Julie, the most sought after female werewolf in town.  So when her newly Matron’s life is threatened after her father’s death, Brad convinces Julie to move to his ranch so he can protect her, only to learn that she was also being safeguarded by another man.


Victor is in love with a woman who equally shares her love between him and another man.  So, when Julie moves to Brad’s ranch and suffers about of illness due to her unable to shift into a werewolf, Victor quickly comes to assist her through it and remains in case there is another occurrence.  Passion soon ignites between the three of them.  Will either man be willing to share Julie for eternity?  And more importantly, will they be able to keep Julie out of harm’s way that is determined to end her life?


Readers, be prepared to be caught up in the rapture of thrilling adventure and a blazing romance.  Lee Pearce’s Moonlight Rapture is all that and more.  From start to finish I was completely submerged into Julie’s world.  Following one horrific event after another, Julie is a temperamental, fascinating character trying to survive the curve balls that life has thrown her way.  Luckily, she has two equally handsome, strong, determined men standing by her side and to supporting her through it all.  What more could any woman wish for?  So, if you are looking for spine-tingling, non-boring plot that will excite you until the very end, then pick up a copy of Moonlight Rapture.

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