MORE THAN PATIENT by Charlie Richards

MORE THAN PATIENT by Charlie Richards
More Than Patient
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Loving Nip #4
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Embracing the reputation as a ladies man since puberty, Brock Sanchez had his world turned upside down by an encounter with a male vampire.  His introduction to Garner Vorzman at a Christmas party evolved into an unexpected night of passion.  It should have been nothing more than a one night stand as far as Brock was concerned, yet why does the sexy vampire haunt his dreams?  He hasn’t been able to enjoy women ever since that night.  No one excites Brock as Garner did.


It has been too long without blood.  Garner knows that the human Brock is his beloved, his fated mate.  Why then is his beloved avoiding him at every turn?  Pretty soon the vampire won’t be able to hide the truth from everyone.  Garner is slowly starving to death without the blood of his beloved.  Forcing Brock is the last thing he wants to do.  Soon it won’t matter.  If his beloved can’t handle forever with his mate they are both doomed.


More than Patient delves into a fragile sexual situation with delicate handling.  Brock’s always expected to marry a woman and raise a family.  His intense feelings for Garner completely throw him.  Their difficult relationship has emotional implications, more so than sexual ones.  Fighting his future highlights Brock’s stubborn nature and Garner’s compassionate soul.  Book four in the A Loving Nip series adds another dimension.

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