MR. AVERAGE by Parker Williams

MR. AVERAGE by Parker Williams
Mr. Average
by Parker Williams

Published by MLR Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Cassie

Lawyer Lucas Manetti has been playing the field for years, but now he thinks he might be ready to settle down. Kyle, the hot mechanic that works on his Lamborghini, seems like a perfect choice. Too bad Lucas’s money can’t buy everything…

I liked the premise of Mr. Average—a rich guy finding love with a regular guy. I wanted to like the main character as well, but I just couldn’t. First-person narrator Lucas came across as arrogant, cold, and sometimes wishy-washy. He has issues about love, and also about the socioeconomic status of his lovers and what that might say about him. His regular Joe love interest (not the guy I thought it would turn out to be) is kind and sweet to a fault, which made Lucas’s behavior all the more frustrating. Lucas does change a lot over the course of the book, but the story happened too fast for me to buy into the changes as much as I would have liked. I did enjoy the sweet ending, however, and the conversational writing style. There was so much potential here, even if it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. If I run across another of Mr. Williams’s books, I will certainly give it a try.

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