MULBERRY MOON by Catherine Anderson

MULBERRY MOON by Catherine AndersonMulberry Moon by Catherine Anderson
Series: Mystic Creek #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group

Mulberry Moon is my first book by Catherine Anderson and I really expected to be lost by starting the third book in the Mystic Creek series and unfortunately I was a little at first. But once Mulberry Moon really got going I felt like I didn’t miss anything which is really what kept me wanting to continue to read and I’m glad I did because I discovered a new author and a new town that I really enjoyed.


Ben Sterling is ready to settle down especially now he’s home for good but that is more difficult then he thought it would be. There is only one woman who has held his attention since she has come to town but she wants nothing to do with him. When Sissy’s chickens get loose from their coop he offers to rebuild her a new one being the nice guy that he is but he also has some ulterior motives. The more time Ben spends with her and as he gets to know her better he discovers that she is in fact the one woman he has been looking for but now he just needs to get Sissy to believe this.


Sissy Sue Bentley hasn’t had the life she expected. Her late aunt, whom she never met, leaves her a café in Mystic Creek and Sissy has decided to start over in this charming town and fix up the café. She feels welcome in her new home and everyone is friendly but she still has trust issues especially with good looking men who are interested in her. Ben can do better than her but the time they spend together is changing her feelings for him and that scares her more than ever. When her past comes calling she fears that Ben will leave her heart in shambles but can his love for her keep them together or were they just doomed from the start?


One thing I just adored about Mulberry Moon was the characters. Ben and Sissy are complete opposites; while Ben comes from a loving and happy family Sissy did not. Ben was successful, loving, and persistent and the most patient hero I have read about in a long time. Sissy wasn’t really living and I found her to be on the loner side but while she didn’t believe in love for herself she showed love for animals which showed that she was open to it.


Their love takes time and it really gave them a chance to know one another which I found absolutely refreshing in this case. No matter what obstacles that were in their way they stuck together and built a solid foundation starting out as friends. I really loved their connection and was rooting for this couple the entire time while I was reading.


One of my favorite parts of Mulberry Moon was the little tests that Ben was putting Sissy through to see if she was the one for him. At first I found them a little juvenile but then I just found it sweet. After all isn’t that what dating is about, testing to see if you are making the right choices and getting to know the one person who you want to spend your life with?


Mulberry Moon was a sweet read that was filled with excellent characters, suspense and a town that I would be glad to call my own. When Sissy’s past is revealed little by little my heart broke for her but I was thankful she got her happily ever after by starting her new life in Mystic Creek. Not only did she get the guy who I wanted she had an entire community who stood behind her and made her feel like one of them. After reading Mulberry Moon I can guarantee that I will be reading the previous books in the Mystic Creek series and I can’t wait.

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