MURDER AT THE BEACH by Erosa Knowles

MURDER AT THE BEACH by Erosa KnowlesMurder at the Beach by Erosa Knowles
Series: Club Reclamation #1
Genres: Contemporary, Interracial, Military
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published

Former Navy SEAL, Maximus ‘Max’ Delgado’s son has been kidnapped by the one person that Max thought he could trust, his son’s babysitter.  Desperate to find his missing son, Max will do whatever it takes to bring Kevin home.


Tamara Gibbs is on the road to restoring her real estate business after nearing losing it during her nasty divorce.  Then, she hits yet another roadblock after she discovers that a former employee embezzled money from some of her clients.  To make matters worse, Max informs Tamara that the same employee, who just happens to be Max’s ex-girlfriend, played a part in kidnapping his son. When the woman in question turns up dead, both Max and Tamara become suspects.


Will Max and Tamara be able to clear their names?  More, importantly, will Max find his missing son?


Murder At The Beach is a suspense thriller that will have you all tied up in knots.  There is murder, betrayal, mystery, frustration, confusion, heartache, passion, action, sex, jealousy, and military brotherhood.  There are lots of twists and turns that will keep you intrigued and a few moments where tears will appear because of the highly emotional events.  The attraction between Max and Tamara is true.  I really liked the honesty of their relationship and how they dealt with their problems as individuals and as a couple.


I must say that Murder At The Beach finale is a cliffhanger.  Nevertheless, it was an attention grabber and will not disappoint.  The ending will make you want to dive into the second installment as soon as possible.


Note:  The Reclamation series is meant to be read in chronological order.

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