MURDEROUS REQUIEM by Jamie Fessenden

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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MURDEROUS REQUIEM by Jamie FessendenMurderous Requiem by Jamie Fessenden
Published by Dreamspinner Press on 2013-04-01
Genres: Gay, Paranormal, Suspense
Reviewed by Lisa

Jeremy Spencer never imagined the occult order he and his boyfriend, Bowyn, started as a joke in college would become an international organization with hundreds of followers. Now a professor with expertise in Renaissance music, Jeremy finds himself drawn back into the world of free love and ceremonial magick he'd left behind, and the old jealousies and hurt that separated him from Bowyn eight years ago seem almost insignificant. Then Jeremy begins to wonder if the centuries-old score he's been asked to transcribe hides something sinister. With each stanza, local birds flock to the old mansion, a mysterious fog descends upon the grounds, and bats swarm the temple dome. During a seance, the group receives a cryptic warning from the spirit realm. And as the music's performance draws nearer, Jeremy realizes it may hold the key to incredible power-power somebody is willing to kill for.

Eight years ago Jeremy Spencer turned his back on the occult order he helped found.  Back then glutting on sex with his partner Bowyn and others in the group was sublime.  Eventually Jeremy wanted more.  He began to crave a monogamous relationship with Bowyn and a future together without the input of others in the Order. When Bowyn refused him, Jeremy left the Order to pursue life in academia as a college professor teaching Renaissance music.

The memories, both good and bad return when Jeremy is asked back to decipher and interpret a medieval musical score supposedly written by an occult master.  His feelings for Bowyn never changed and it appears that his ex-lover may finally want more. 

Working on the score and giving life to the music begins to worry Jeremy as inexplicable happenings crop up.  Feelings of danger and dire warnings make him think that he should stop his work.  Maybe this score shouldn’t be heard aloud, especially if it threatens the man he loves.  Others think him foolish and it may be too late already, but Jeremy has to do whatever it takes to protect Bowyn from an evil conjured from the past.

Battling the occult and memories of a broken relationship never resolved wear down a scholar in Murderous Requiem.  Suspense and mysteries grow by leaps and bounds in this intense drama where pulling back the layers only leads to more questions.  Presented from Jeremy’s point of view he bares his soul, his past hopes and dreams, and current fears with the Order.  There’s plenty of hot sex which is pertinent to the storyline.  Murderous Requiem gives detailed occult information throughout the story though it doesn’t go into anything creepy or grisly.  More along the lines of an erotic whodunit tale, Murderous Requiem is a fascinating original.

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