MY BODYGUARD by Derek Adams

MY BODYGUARD by Derek Adams
My Bodyguard
by Derek Adams

Published by MLR Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
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As the son of a crime boss Jeff Giovinazzo enjoys certain privileges others only dream about.  Going off to college and further away from his father’s business is something to fully embrace until he’s told a bodyguard will be shadowing him.


The bodyguard assigned to him is Vic Torres who grew up on the same property as Jeff.  The wealthy son went to an exclusive private school while the other boy attended public school.


Jeff is a natural fit on the campus, Vic not so much in his suit and tie.  Taking pity on him the college student takes his bodyguard in hand and dresses him more appropriately to fit in with the crowd.  Better clothed Jeff begins to notice Vic in ways his father wouldn’t approve.  Suddenly the lines between them feel erased.


An unlikely romance comes to fruition in this fast paced drama.  My Bodyguard brings together two unassuming characters because of their fathers’ positions.  Though both are pleasant, Jeff is so unkind and Vic unresponsive it’s a stretch to think they can ever get past their early days together in the college setting.  In the end they find their way to a sweet love story, but it’s a hard sell at times.

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