MY LIFE WITHOUT GARLIC by Bailey BradfordMy Life without Garlic by Bailey Bradford
Series: The Vamp for Me #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing


Bored with counting calories and feeling guilty over loving carbs Augustin Carmichael is browsing the net one night when he stumbles across a strange dating site.  The preposterous site is matching mortals with vampires of all things.  Believing it’s a hoax Augustin fills out the questionnaire.  Receiving no response he pretends to want a female partner.  Still nothing.  Finally he gives up and calls it a night.


Waking to a strange sound outside his window Augustin is scared spitless by a real live vampire.  Suddenly he is faced with several of them and taken to their home in the middle of nowhere.  Crazy as it seems Augustin is attracted to the one called Tony.  Accepting the existence of vampires the mortal is given a choice to either go home and keep quiet or stay and consider a mating with Tony.  A lonely normal life or loving a vampire.  Decisions, decisions…


A truly unusual dating site offers love in My Life without Garlic.  Augustin and Tony’s romance couldn’t have more stumbling blocks, yet somehow the two find love in The Vamp for Me series opener.  Watching them work through their problems is the enjoyment of reading My Life without Garlic.  As usual, poor communication is at the heart of the matter.  This is a hot, complicated love story perfect for a pleasant read.  A great start to a new series.

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