MYSTICALLY BOUND by Stacey Kennedy

MYSTICALLY BOUND by Stacey Kennedy
Mystically Bound
by Stacey Kennedy

Series: Frostbite #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Now that Tess Jennings knows that her ghost lover is really alive but in a coma, she is willing to seek any help possible to bring his spirit back into his body.  Upon the advice of a friend, Tess has come ask the grand master of the Animus, a sect of powerful witches, if he can help. 

Of course nothing comes without a price, and for Tess the price of gaining the new grand master’s help is to find out who killed the old grand master and to help him leave the realm he seems to be stuck in.  Tess really doesn’t want to spend the time, but the chance that the Animus might have a spell that will allow Tess to find Kipp and bring him back is just too much to say no to.

As Tess struggles to help a new set of ghosts, she finds out much more about her own powers and also finds a way to split the veil and locate Kipp.  With Kipp beside her, even if he is still a ghost, Tess works to find out the answers of who murdered the old grand master and fulfill her promise and get the spell that was promised to her.  However, just when Tess believes she is about to get those answers a new shock happens. It seems that not everything Tess has been told is true and now, not only is her life in danger, but also that of her friends who have shown up to help. 

When you can see ghosts and fall in love with one, you will do anything to make your lover whole again.  Tess does just that in Mystically Bound as she looks for a spell or something that will let her rejoin Kipp’s spirit with his body before it’s too late.  For someone with paranormal gifts, I have found Tess is an odd combination of pragmatist and cynic yet with a true want to help the ghosts who just need something to allow them to leave this realm and travel to where they belong.  To see that Tess had traveled to seek help from a group that she didn’t totally believe in, showed me just how much Tess wants to save Kipp.  I was interested when some of the new information came out about her gift and just how powerful it can be.  The fact that Tess found Kipp and was able to learn more about what happened to him proves that nothing much is going to stop Tess.  Yet, it was fact that her friends showed up and were willing to help, at a risk to their lives too, showed me just how much Kipp and Tess were loved.  I really wanted to slug at least one person Tess found at the Animus house and I hope that before the series is over, he does get some well-deserved payback.  The cliff hanger was an interesting one and I can’t wait to dive into the last book in Tess and Kipp’s journey to the love that they so deserve.  Mystically Bound is filled with suspense, friendship and the type of love not even the veil between life and death can dissolve. 


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