NAUTI ANGEL by Lora Leigh

NAUTI ANGEL by Lora LeighNauti Angel by Lora Leigh
Series: Nauti Girls
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group

When Bliss MacKay is almost kidnapped mercenary Angel Calloway makes it her mission to protect her.  Chaya MacKay, Bliss’ mother, is none too happy with Angel.  Chaya knows Angel is hiding something from her and cannot trust her with her daughter until she knows the truth.

Reece “Duke” Duquaine is a former Army Investigator charged with keeping an eye on Angel and discovering her secrets.  The longer he’s around Angel the harder it is to deny the attraction between them.  But will Duke be able to protect Angel from herself?

The final book in the Nauti Girls series blows Author Lora Leigh’s Nauti World to pieces and then put’s it back together in true Lora Leigh fashion.

Within minutes of starting Nauti Angel I knew I was going to need some Kleenex.  I found myself mesmerized by Angel and her relationships with Chaya, Bliss and Duke.  I could not get enough and finished in one sitting.  Nauti Angel combines the perfect amount of emotion, action and hot sex.   I shed many tears and I’m sad to hear this is the final Nauti Girls book.  Angel and Duke have a rough start.  After all, women don’t usually appreciate a man trying to dig up her secrets.  However, he redeems himself when he stands by her after her secrets come to life.

The connection between Angel and Duke is passionate and exciting.  They are forced into some tough situations but always seem to make it through mostly unscathed.  Angel is a complex character and I enjoyed her journey throughout the book.  The action is intense and thrilling.  I loved the fact that we were able to spend a lot of time with all the Nauti Boys and Girls.  For me it was like a reunion.  I enjoyed finding out what they are up to now.  And the secret that Angel’s carrying around…well that’s a whopper!

Prepare yourself for another sexy hot ride from Author Lora Leigh in Nauti Angel.  The suspense, drama and sexual tension make Nauti Angel a keeper.  Author Lora Leigh outdid herself! Nauti Angel is the perfect way to end the fantastic Nauti Girls series.

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