NEEDING A VAMPIRE’S AGGRESSION by Charlie RichardsNeeding A Vampire's Aggression by Charlie Richards
Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #35
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

For thirty some years wolf shifter Parker Jones had a loving relationship with the human Donnie.  Fate proved cruel and took Donnie from him with cancer.  Though decades have since passed the wolf continues to grieve for his lost love.


At the weekly shifter pack poker night everyone is invited, including the new vampire coven members recently settled in the area.  Second in command Nikolai Kuznetsov is known for his skills as an assassin who can weld a wicked knife when necessary.  A loner by nature Nikolai is trying to get to know his neighbors at his brother’s request.


It’s a shock to Parker to scent his mate in the coven’s assassin.  Donnie wasn’t his fated mate, but his love was true and he’s not interested in starting something with Nikolai.  His heart simply wouldn’t be in it.  Tell that to his inner wolf.  Better yet, tell that to Nikolai.  Good luck.


Putting distance between fated mates is never a good idea.  Follow the emotionally charged romance in Needing a Vampire’s Aggression.  Nikolai has his work cut out for him.  Parker has closed off his heart for so long it’s going to take everything the vampire has to forge a relationship.  Some intense, consensual BDSM scenes play into their complicated love story.  This is another solid romance for The Wolves of Stone Ridge.

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