NEVER ENOUGH by Lauren Dane

NEVER ENOUGH by Lauren Dane
Never Enough
by Lauren Dane

Series: Brown Siblings #4
Published by Berkley Publishing Group, Penguin Genres: Erotica
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

From the national bestselling author of Inside Out--a sizzling story of insatiable passion. Gillian Forrester spent her life running...until Miles came along. The moment she held her older sister's unwanted newborn, Gillian stopped running and began building a life for her adopted son. Now, thirteen years later, Gillian's sister reveals the father's identity on her deathbed-a revelation that shakes Gillian to her core.Adrian Brown is the epitome of the successful rock star. It takes a lot to shock him-but the bombshell that he has a son rocks his world. And Adrian is even more surprised when the buttoned-up elegant woman who's raising him ignites his erotic and romantic attention-and engages his heart.

Adrian Brown decided last year to take some down time to spend with his family and friends and to just enjoy life. His life as a famous rock star puts many demands on his time and energy which Adrian loves – don’t think he doesn’t, but he just knew that there was more out there than just the rock star life. Unfortunately the rock star life in public also puts him in line for some bogus claims. Which is what he instantly thought was happening when he learned about Gillian Forrester’s story.

Gillian Forrester has adopted and raised her sister’s son from the moment of his birth. Originally from England and wanting a career in music, all that changed when she was presented Miles. Gillian never knew who the father was until just recently when her sister died and told her on her death bed. After some serious heart wrenching thought, Gillian has decided that Miles needs to know his father and decides to approach Adrian and his family. What she doesn’t expect is the slap in the face she gets at first, nor the attraction she feels for Adrian once they actually meet.

Adrian is mad at first and then afraid to believe that this child is his. Scared enough that he offends Gillian trying to protect himself. But when the truth rises up and hits him in the chest, Adrian is now determined to learn all he can about Miles and find a place for him in his life. With his family backing him and more than willing to accept new members into their extended family, Adrian reaches out to both Gillian and Miles. The attraction between Gillian and Adrian makes it even harder to bring Miles and Adrian together as neither want to risk hurting Miles. Just when it looks like it will finally be smooth sailing, both of their pasts strike out and puts a ripping tear into their budding relationship. When the misunderstandings are cleared up, has too much been said in shock and anger for Gillian and Adrian to have the forever they both wanted so much?

A little boy brings two huge and loving hearts together in a passion that will rock forever. It’s for the love of Miles that brings Gillian and Adrian together in Never Enough. I can just imagine how hard it was for Gillian to decide to first approach Adrian, and then to deal with his response. I could tell then that it really was the love for her son that had her responding to Adrian after the first nasty meeting. While I could understand why Adrian acted as he did, I loved that he was willing to admit he was jerk over part of his reaction. Watching the normal bumps and bruises of combining families brought both smiles and frowns to me. Yet I was pretty sure they could all work it out, however I have to say that I was very unsure of that after the last bomb hit and I saw how the Brown’s reacted. It proved to me just how large Gillian’s heart was when I saw a forgiveness that did have me all but tearing up. Never Enough is a love story with a side of rock and roll that follows a very modern love story with all the normal ups and downs and then tosses in the paparazzi chaos as a topper. Never Enough is another winner in the Brown Siblings series.

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