NEVER LOSE YOUR FLAMES by Francis GideonNever Lose Your Flames by Francis Gideon
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Years ago dragon shifter Gabe Dominguez was a respected cop within the Canadian police force.  When his life went south Gabe forgot his father’s teachings of calm and wisdom.  Before he was done venting his anger and pain half of Canada was destroyed.  His career in tatters Gabe went to work for the slightly shady Duke as a bounty hunter, always wishing he could atone for his past.


Gabe’s latest assignment is to apprehend one Nat Wyatt, a fire starter who’s most recent act caused multiple deaths.  On the hunt Gabe is about to hook up with a stranger at a party when he finds out that the guy he’s attracted to is his mark.  Catching Nat proves easy, keeping him under wraps less simple.  It seems that others also want the cute fire starter.  Fairies and more want Nat for their own.


Taking his prisoner across the country Gabe becomes convinced that Nat is innocent.  Cancelling the contract won’t work.  Duke will simply hire another.  Proving Nat isn’t guilty seems impossible.  Someone powerful wants the fire starter.  Someone willing to kill and frame Nat to possess him.  Surviving the job is looking more doubtful by the minute.  But fighting fire with fire may change their odds.


Never Lose Your Flames takes the reader on an all consuming, spirited adventure.  Strong characters, witty dialogue, sensual heat, and a twisting mystery plotline bring Never Lose Your Flames to life.  Gabe is a complicated, tortured soul.  He has lost his way.  Nat, on the other hand, knows his chances are slim, yet retains certain innocence.  They have great chemistry. The only negative is the lack of back story about Gabe’s past. It’s vaguely mentioned at best.  Nonetheless, Never Lose Your Flames is an engaging, inventive road trip with otherworldly characters and a great plotline.

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