NICE ‘N’ EASY by Lynne Connolly

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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NICE ‘N’ EASY by Lynne ConnollyNice 'n' Easy by Lynne Connolly
Series: Nightstar #3
Published by Ellora's Cave on 2013-04-24
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica
Reviewed by Jo

Nightstar, Book 3 Heart-stoppingly sexy Donovan Harvey, bassist for Murder City Ravens, is also a writer. At his first fantasy convention, he wants to launch his new book, not find the love of his life. He gets both. Allie, unabashed fan and book editor, can't believe she's locking lips with the bassist for the hottest band ever, but sometime during their first searingly hot encounter she discovers Donovan the man, not the rock musician, and she's even more smitten. They can't get enough of each other. In the shower, against the wall, even in bed, Donovan talks during sex, leading Allie through erotic fantasies, presenting her with scenarios she can't resist, setting her alight with steamy stories he'll never share with anyone else. She inspires him. He gives her ideas. But Murder City Ravens is on a world tour, and Allie needs to stay in New York if she's to make a success of her career. When her company asks her to poach Donovan from his current publisher, Allie hesitates, but her boss makes it impossible for her to refuse without losing her job. A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

Allison (“Allie”) Bartz is a new editor for her publishing house and is at her first conference.  Because she is there early with one of the senior editors and the author that Allie is to work with hasn’t arrived yet, they are both in the hotel bar the night before when Allie sees someone totally unexpected – the bassist for her favorite band Murder City Ravens.  What he is doing at a hotel nowhere near the area of their current tour is a question that Allie wonders as she is convinced to go up and see if she can get his attention.

Donovan Harvey is more than use to being recognized, but that usually happens when he is with the band or at one of their promo events.  Right now he is about as anonymous as he can be – at a writers conference to promote a new book he has coming out.  Of course it isn’t under his name, but Donovan wants its success or failure to be totally about the book not its author’s famous name.  When a cute woman comes up to him at the hotel bar, Donovan is more than willing to see where it will go, especially when she appears not to know his other self. 

Allie knows before the night is over that she and Donovan could have something special, but she started it off with a lie about not knowing him and now she is being forced to pick between her job and protecting their budding relationship.  Donovan is seriously mad when he learns that not only did Allie know who he was but that she was going to spy on him too.  They overcome this misunderstanding but it seems that the publishing world isn’t done with trying to put a wedge between Allie and Donovan and it might even put that same wedge between Donovan and the Murder City Ravens.  Both Allie and Donovan have some serious decisions to make and making the right decision might just be the thing that really does tear them apart forever.  Actions have consequences, the question is can Allie and Donovan find a way to overcome those consequences and finally discover if their love is the lasting kind?

A chance encounter and passion lead to an explosive relationship and misunderstandings in Nice ‘n’ Easy.  The path that Allie and Donovan travel to find their future is not an easy one nor was it always easy to read about; however, when I turned the last page I knew that they had finally found the love that would keep them together for a very, very long time.  I felt sorry for Allie as she found herself in an impossible place having to pick between her job and her ethics.  While I could understand Donovan’s reactions when he discovered Allie’s lie, I had some trouble with his action towards Allie.  It seemed to me that every time Allie and Donovan had a chance to be together something would happen that would tear them apart again.  I never gave up on Allie and Donovan and thankfully neither did their friends because just when I wondered if Allie and Donovan could find their way together, that is exactly what happened to them.  Nice ‘n’ Easy is a turbulent journey through the worlds of publishing and rock ‘n’ roll that finally gave two people the future their hearts were demanding.

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