NIGHT SHADOW by Cherry Adair

NIGHT SHADOW by Cherry Adair

NIGHT SHADOW by Cherry Adair
Night Shadow
by Cherry Adair

Series: Night #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Alexis “Lexie” Stone has finally gotten what she wants, sort of, she is an operative.  Too bad her first assignment has her spying on the man she has long admired, Alex Stone (no relation), for IA.  Alex is a wizard operative that they are worried might be going rogue.  So while she is more than just a little attracted to Alex, Lexi will do what she needs to do, and by the book.


Alex is stunned that they let the woman out of research, though she appears to be a walking encyclopedia she also makes his pulse race, and all his blood head south.  Add to this his powers suddenly seeming to be unreliable and Alex knows this emergency mission is going to be a lot more than expected.


Now suddenly Lexi and Alex are in a race against time against an unknown assailant. There is a super serial killer who has already killed thousands, and they seem to be a few steps behind the entire way.  Someone seems to be rewriting the terrorism book and it will be up to T-Flac and the Wizard Council to stop them with Alex and Lexi leading the charge.


The more they work together the more that Lexi and Alex grow to care for each other.  While Lexi knows it is love, will Alex ever admit it.


Night Shadow is the third of the Night Series stories and the first one I picked up.  It is easily a stand alone book, but will make you want to go back and read about Luke and Sabastian, “sigh so many books so little time”.  But, do not let that stop you from picking up this action packed intrigue packed story.  You will travel from continent to continent trying to unravel the mystery of who is behind some horrific killings.  All the while you will get to see the interaction between Lexi and Alex Stone, who may share a name but their only relation at the start of the story is that of surprise partners in T-Flac’s latest operation.   I don’t want to give up too much of the plot so all I will say is that I was stunned at how Ms. Adair tied some plot lines together that I never suspected were related, and I can’t express how much I enjoyed Night Shadow.  I can’t give Night Shadow a higher rating than Joyfully Reviewed, so this is what it gets.

**Recommended Read 2008**

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