NIGHT VOICES by Elizabeth Coldwell

NIGHT VOICES by Elizabeth Coldwell
Night Voices
by Elizabeth Coldwell

Published by Totally Bound Genres: BDSM, Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Laurie Macari has been the hottest thing in night radio for many, many years so when he is told that his ratings have dropped so low compared to other shows in his time slot, Laurie isn’t happy. Yet, he totally is not expecting to be told that he is going to be sharing his show with a sex doctor a couple of nights a week.  Just what he needs…a dried up prune spouting sex advice that she might have never experienced herself—at least that is what Laurie visualizes in his mind.


Dr. Roxy Rose is anything but dried up or old.  In fact, she is one heck of a head turner.  Roxy is excited to be part of a nightly show, even if only a couple nights a week.  But first she needs to prove to Laurie that she isn’t trying to take over his show, just pump it up.  Right after meeting Laurie, Roxy knows she would love to pump him up, but he is so against her that Roxy doesn’t think she will ever get a chance with him.


Laurie might have been against Roxy, yet he learns while watching her interact with his callers that she is much more than a sex doctor and a beautiful woman.  Working in such close quarters and talking about sex has an effect on both Laurie and Roxy—an effect that has them erupting into passion one night.  The next few weeks show Laurie and Roxy that sometimes even the experts can be shown new tricks as Laurie proves to Roxy that sometimes surrendering to new experiences can bring the best kind of passion.  This is one night time radio show that is melting the radio waves.


When a nighttime radio voice and a doctor of sex join forces, the outcome can only be one filled with erotic passion.  Roxy and Laurie will fight a subtle war and both come out the winners in Night Voices.  Wow!  I swear I could feel the emotions come through my reader as I watched Laurie and Roxy find their balance and passion while turning up the ratings in their night talk show.  I have to admit there were more than a couple of times I wondered if blows were going to happen instead of kisses.  However, I knew for sure that all would be well when Laurie gave Roxy a pretty sexy challenge, and she accepted it.  By the end of the book, I could tell that they really had won the best prize of all—a lifetime of passion.  Night Voices is like a whisper in the night that starts out soft and subtle and seduces you as it grows until you give in and are happy to have done so.  Hmm…that sounds exactly like something Roxy would say to try with Laurie’s full approval.

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