NISCHAL by Bailey Bradford

NISCHAL by Bailey BradfordNischal by Bailey Bradford
Series: Leopard's Spots #9
Genres: Gay, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound

Reviewed by Lisa

 Years of cruel captivity at the hands of a pair of heartless owners who controlled their every move, the humans were nonetheless unaware that the rare snow leopards illegally obtained are in fact shifter twins Nischal and Sabin. Half-starved and heavily drugged they are at the end of their endurance after being caged for so long.  Nischal is worried about how much longer Sabin can hold onto his sanity.

Ever since his twin brother Paul disappeared a year ago Preston Hardy has been on a quest to discover what happened to him.  Fearing the worst Preston’s been pressuring police to investigate the owners of the snow leopards.  He’s managed to dig up enough to prove they aren’t who they profess to be and they are the last people reported to be seen with Paul. 

Giving up is not an option for either Nischal or Preston.  One seeks freedom and the other seeks answers.  Fate brought them together.  Four lives are at stake and there is no turning back.

The ninth Leopard’s Spots book brings another suspenseful, exciting drama to life in Nischal.  Branching out on a new emotional level Nischal explores bonds of twin brotherhood at their lowest.  The snow leopards are naïve and completely unaccustomed to human society while Preston’s search for his brother has stalled his own professional and personal life, but Nischal targets the bonds of brothers with satisfying results.

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