NO FAE IS AN ISLAND by Angel Martinez

NO FAE IS AN ISLAND by Angel Martinez
No Fae is an Island
by Angel Martinez

Series: Endangered Fae #4
Published by MLR Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher


As penance for the recent destruction he’d caused the goddess Danu decreed that Diego Sandoval journey the lands of the wild fae for several years.  He would take the time to accept and control the powerful magic within him more fully.  Of course his husband, the pooka Finn will accompany Diego on his travels.


When Diego and Finn return the human magician is somewhat overwhelmed by the enthusiastic welcome they receive from the sidhe.  Even though three years have passed Diego hasn’t quite forgiven himself for his actions.  They also discover that memories aren’t the only thing they’ve brought back.  A selkie by the name of Limpet who has a voracious curiosity left his family to follow them back.


Diego is trying to find a new niche within the Fae Collective and jumps at the chance to help when the Canadian government asks for their assistance.  Three college kids are being detained by a Middle Eastern government where they were studying.  The diplomatic mission should be a simple one as long as no magic is used.


They encounter problems from the moment they land starting with the discovery of a stowaway, Limpet.  It seems that the selkie has focused all his curiosity on one of the security detail, Theo Aguilar, a vampire Diego befriended back when his life went to hell.

There trip turns out to be a set-up.  No one will listen to the new ‘kid’ on the team who can track his mentor except for Limpet who will follow Theo anywhere he goes. It could be the best joke ever told…A vampire and a selkie playing hide and seek in the desert.  But it’s not a joke and time is slipping away.


Complex characters use their wicked skills on a wild adventure.  Immerse yourself in No Fae is an Island and enjoy all the twists and surprises throughout this thrilling tale.  The plotline is neatly split between the two sets of characters until they converge with exciting consequences.  Fans will love this latest fourth installment while new readers honestly should start at book one.  The cast is huge and rich with fascinating relationships, so start at the beginning and have fun.  No Fae is an Island is utterly charming from start to finish.  Absolutely captivating and Limpet is unforgettable.

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