NOLAN by Catherine Lievens

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NOLAN by Catherine LievensNolan by Catherine Lievens
Series: Whitedell Pride #3
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Innocently sunning on top of his car one afternoon Nolan is kidnapped and held within a lab performing illegal experiments on shifters.  A sweet little house cat in shifter form Nolan is ironically saved by a guard who sneaks him out and sets him loose in an alley.


Saved from adoption by a crazy cat lady Nolan is taken to the Whitedell pride mansion and happily contacts his frantic family back home.  Between months at the lab and sudden rescue Nolan isn’t ready for what destiny holds next…finding his mate within the pride.  Denying Casey hurts but saddling him with a defective mate is worse.


Growing up in a cheetah pride Casey lost everything one fateful day and spent the next sixteen years alone in the forest.  Alpha Dominic brought him to the Whitedell pride where he managed to regain his humanity and make a home.  Overjoyed to find his mate at long last Casey can’t understand why the little cat is rejecting him.  As they begin to work out their differences someone from Casey’s past attempts to throw a proverbial wrench in their mating and won’t be denied.  No matter the cost to the lovers.


Return to the adventures of the Whitedell Pride in Nolan.  Messy, wonderful, cantankerous matings transpire again in this playful series.  House cat shifter Nolan takes a crazy, sometimes scary journey to find his very own unwanted mate, Casey the cheetah shifter.  The issues Nolan struggles with are craftily handled, Casey on the other hand has much bigger problems to contend with.  This is a worthy addition.

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