Not Enough Human
by Kazy Reed

Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

In the year 2036 vampire kind are recognized as legal citizens.  Science has even made it possible for them to become parents to a human baby.  Unfortunately a hate group called Sons of God’s Wrath are doing everything they can to illegally eradicate vampires with their Stalkers.


Against his family’s wishes Jake Reinbach attends a human school.  The senior puts up with crap from other students on a daily basis while his teachers ignore the bullying.   There’s no telling when Jake will change from human to vampire so who can blame him for wanting to embrace his human side for as long as possible.


An incident at school involving a lying girl ends Jake’s high school experience.  Believing that everyone is cheering his eviction Jake is surprised when popular senior Will Hayden comes to the vampire estate.


The teen is stuck in a difficult situation.  His father would be furious to know Will is gay and cares for Jake, but worse, he’s certain his dad is conspiring with Sons of God’s Wrath.  One brutal, violent night changes everything for the two teen boys.  They can never turn back and something far more deadly is yet to come.


Not Human Enough wildly balances between a poignant young romance and a humorous commentary on teen love.  The fast paced dialogue and compelling plotline keep the reader riveted to their story.  It takes a few pages to get into the speedy rhythm of Not Human Enough, but once you’re up to speed forget the brake and hold on for a twisting, sometimes scary and exciting ride.

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