Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale
by Christine Warren

Series: The Others #12
Published by Macmillan Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

After her two best friends marry a blood-sucking vampire and furry-faced werewolf, Corinne D’Alessandro is making a vow of her own: NO interspecies dating. But when her editor asks her to investigate “leprechaun” sightings, the sassy New York reporter finds herself on the trail of the hottest story of the year—and the sexiest man alive…His  name is Luc, and he’s as gorgeous as any Prince Charming in any bedtime story. There’s just one problem: He’s not human, he’s fae. A captain of the Fae Queen’s Guard, Luc is on a dangerous mission—and he could use the help of a certain leprechaun-hunting reporter. But when their two worlds collide, the sparks begin to fly. If Corinne and Luc can’t control their lust—and focus on the villains in this story—their faerie-tale romance won’t end happily ever after…

Corrine D’Alessandro always thought the stories about mythical creatures in the paper she writes for were pure fiction. However, her thoughts changed when she discovered her two best friends were marrying two men who are not human, but Other. Now Corrine is sworn to secrecy regarding the Others and their lives in the human world. When a story comes across her desk involving a leprechaun Corrine decides to give the Others a heads up but she gets way more than she bargained for.

Luc is Fae and captain of the Fae Queen’s guard. When a Fae slips through the door to the human world without permission it is Luc’s job to find him and bring him back. The only person with any leads concerning Luc’s missing Fae is one sexy human reporter. As Luc and Corrine team up to find the runaway Fae sparks fly. Will their differences get in the way of a happily ever after or will the unruly Fae destroy them before they get a chance to find out?

Christine Warren merges lust, laughter and intrigue magnificently in her latest installment of The Others. Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale is a fun and fast faerie adventure. Corrine and Luc light up the pages with their wicked hot attraction and banter. I got a kick out of Corrine’s attitude. This character is fast on her feet and funny and Luc’s a perfect match for her.

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