THE OBSESSION by Nora Roberts

THE OBSESSION by Nora RobertsThe Obsession by Nora Roberts
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Berkley Publishing Group


Naomi Bowes lost everything she knew in life just before her 12th birthday and discovered she had been living with a monster—one she was responsible for revealing.  Growing up, she was always wondering when something would happen that would expose who she really was and the media and questions would start all over again.  Now, Naomi is all grown-up and known as Naomi Carson, a well-known photographer.  Naomi has spent her adult life so far constantly on the move, but something about Sunrise Cove and a large rundown house has grabbed her, and she beings to wonder if she can finally risk settling down and growing some roots.


Xander Keaton is a hometown boy in Sunrise Cove.  He is a self-made man who loves his bike, his GTO, reading, helping those who come into his auto repair shop for help, and rocking with his band.  Life in Sunrise Cove is sleepy sometimes, but because of the beauty surrounding it, tourists are a constant in this little town.  Xander has also been pretty easy-going on his relationships and then he meets a tall, slim blond with an attitude and a huge hidden heart.  Xander is instantly attracted to Naomi and knows if he wants there to be anything between them, he will have to take the time and slow steps.


Naomi jumped in with both feet to remodel the house she fell in love with and has no plans on forming any type of relationship, but she never expected the instant warmth from the residents of Sunrise Cove.  She also never expected to run into Zander, a man who makes her want more even while she fights those feelings of being afraid to take the risk.  When a woman is found murdered in the same way that has haunted her from childhood, Naomi wonders about it, but shakes it off.  When a second woman is missing and then found, now Naomi is wondering if she should just take off and run again.  But now she has Zander, good friends, and a mutt who adores her.  Deciding to fight, she helps uncover clues, which prove that someone has been watching Naomi for many, many years and that she is in more danger than ever before.  Zander knows that Naomi is hanging on, and he is determined get rid of the danger following in her shadow.  When the person behind everything is revealed, who will come out of the confrontation still standing?


A photographer and a small town Renaissance man discover love while surrounded by deadly danger in The Obsession.  Naomi had exactly the opposite of the fairy tale childhood, and she still hides behind the front she shows to those around her.  Zander was content to go with the flow of his life until he met Naomi and then she was in just about his every thought.  I watched while Naomi fought her feelings and Zander worked on showing her just what life could be in Sunrise Cove and with him.  I loved how Naomi and Zander slowly fell in love until it was just there, catching them both by surprise.  I also loved how when the danger became known, Zander and Naomi teamed up to prove not only that their love was the lasting kind, but that no one was going to take their sense of security from them, or the town, without a fight.  I will admit that I guessed who was behind everything, but only a bit before it was revealed.  The Obsession is a great suspense-filled romance with excellent touches of humor and day-to-day friendship.

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