OMEGA ARRIVAL by Rebecca James

OMEGA ARRIVAL by Rebecca JamesOmega Arrival by Rebecca James
Series: River Wolf Pack #4
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by JMS Books LLC

An agreement is reached between the River Wolf pack and the Angel Hills pack. The River Wolf pack will be giving the other pack some desperately need omegas in order to survive.  Five omegas and three betas are willing to move and not a moment too soon as the River Wolf pack implodes between two rival Alpha wolves.  When second Alpha Milo arrives from the Angel Hills pack the omegas and betas are ready to leave immediately.


Among the omegas willing to leave is Justin who has two sets of twins.  He was mated to Stone a brutal Alpha who used Justin’s timid omega personality against him.  In truth, the gentle omega was at his wits end trying to figure out how to leave Stone without the Alpha harming him.  Fate stepped in as Stone was attacked by the Turned, humans bitten by werewolves – wanted by no one.  He’s believed dead and Justin is beyond relieved.


The Angel Hills pack will be a new start for Justin and the other omegas who also have a misery filled past to overcome.  Hopefully they have made the right decision to start over.  A chance at a new future with their young.


Pack dynamics are further explored in the latest offering of the River Wolf Pack series.  Painful, powerful relationships are the focus in Omega Arrival.  This original series has a unique blend of tenderness, action, and drama with added sensuality in the mix.  Omega Arrival has heart warming romantic aspects and heart pounding danger too.  These books continue to develop into a fantastic set of stories.

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