ONCE UPON A PIRATE by Jambrea Jo Jones

ONCE UPON A PIRATE by Jambrea Jo Jones
Once Upon A Pirate
by Jambrea Jo Jones

Series: Ever After #4
Published by MLR Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

Flame the dragon is set on rescuing dragon prince Ember from cutthroat wizards.  Instead, he discovers the prince has been set free by the two nephew wizards of the bad ones.  Complicating matters one of the good wizards turns out to be Flame’s mate.


As much as Flame is certain that Valda Rollins is his mate the wizard insists that he is not.  Long ago Valda lost his lover to rogue dragons and he has never forgiven them, all of them.  He spends his life on the high seas as a pirate.  Valda definitely does not have time for a muscle bound, sexy dragon.


When Marabell, the fairy godmother, and Glenda the wand tell the pair that they must go to the cloud plain, which is found in the middle of the ocean, to bring Frick and Frack back to the dragon kingdom the pair have no choice except obey.  They are well aware that ignoring Marabell and Glenda would not be wise.  Flame is hoping that he can get Valda to change his mind.  Valda is hoping the dragon will drop the subject.  Should be an interesting voyage.


Readers are treated to another wild and crazy tale in Book 4 of the Ever After series titled Once Upon a Pirate.  Humor, snappy dialogue, and a healthy dose of emotional angst bring Flame and Valda together.  Such a happy couple.  Well, eventually.  Once Upon a Pirate promises a good laugh and delivers.

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