ONCE UPON A PRINCE by Jambrea Jo Jones

ONCE UPON A PRINCE by Jambrea Jo Jones
Once Upon A Prince
by Jambrea Jo Jones

Series: Ever After #3
Published by MLR Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

A wizard couple bent on revenge unwisely kidnaps the dragon king’s brother, Prince Ember Coruscate.  As their nephews Valda and Mykles quietly free the prince a gargoyle and another dragon hurry to save their friend.


For as long as he can remember Roar Sliger has loved Ember.  Unfortunately the dragon prince has lusted after the muscle bound, clueless dragon Flame since they were introduced.  If only Ember would see Roar as more than a friend.  The journey home may be Roar’s best chance of convincing Ember that together they can be something special, something more.  It’s time for the gargoyle to take that risk.  All or nothing the time is now.


An enthusiastic plotline, witty dialogue, and a zany cast of characters meld into Once Upon a Prince.  Drama and humor vie for attention in this screwy kidnap/rescue story.  One note of caution however, the romance is the focus, the back story is lite and the cast large.  Avoid confusion and read this series in order.  Once Upon a Prince is a quick, thoroughly mad ride.

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