ONE BREATH, ONE BULLET by S. A. McAuleyOne Breath, One Bullet by S.A. McAuley
Series: Border Wars #1
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

In the year 2558 the world is divided into five separate nations.  The population’s been decimated and for the past three hundred years the Borders War has raged.  Soldiers are ironically called Peacemakers.


One such Peacemaker, Merq Grayson named for his past relative who invented the sonic bullet is considered the most skilled assassin in the Continental States.  He lost his parents to the Borders War at five years of age and the government then took charge of him.  They trained Merq to be the perfect weapon by the time he reached his teens.


Lethal Dark Ops assassin Armise Darcan of the People’s Republic of Singapore is Merq’s counterpart in the war.  Perhaps better.  Four years older than Merq, Armise is a solitary killer whereas Merq has always been assigned to a team.


For as long as they can remember Merq and Armise have been enemies, the deadliest of foes which makes their secret even worse.  At each encounter their passion ignites.  If anyone from either side knew what was happening they would be charged with treason, yet Merq and Armise are unable to stop their combustible love making or their emotional attachment.


Suddenly everything changes when a ceasefire is called.  Leaders from each side chose the Olympics as a way of healing.  Both Merq and Armise are expected to attend and compete in the rifle competitions.  They both know that nobody is to be trusted.  It may be a time to bring people together.  But for what?


A highly absorbing drama, One Breath, One Bullet brings a scary, deadly future to life. This thought provoking character story pits two emotionless killers against each other and sparks fly.  Dark and dangerous from beginning to end One Breath, One Bullet is a riveting story.  Love is not allowed for Peacemakers, so Merq and Armise make each moment count. For them, a moment must last a lifetime in One Breath, One Bullet.  Book one is a bull’s eye for forbidden love.

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