ONE HEART TO WIN by Johanna Lindsey

ONE HEART TO WIN by Johanna Lindsey
One Heart to Win
by Johanna Lindsey

Published by Pocket Genres: Historical, Western
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Reviewed by Vanessa

Wedding vows, ranchland wars, and hidden identities entwine—with thrillingly passionate results—in this dazzling tale from the “extraordinary” (Fresh Fiction) #1 New York Times bestselling author. To honor her mother’s wishes, elegant Tiffany Warren travels to Montana Territory to meet her estranged father and his enemy’s son, Hunter Callahan, the rancher her parents have arranged for her to marry in order to end a decades-old feud. Surviving a chaotic journey, disheveled Tiffany is mistaken for her father’s housekeeper and is promptly stolen by the rival Callahans! The hostile move puts her daringly close to Hunter, a seductive charmer who can’t keep his eyes or his hands off his alluring new “housekeeper.” When her charade is exposed, Tiffany calls off their wedding; how can she marry a man who can’t resist the woman she pretends to be? But Hunter sets out to claim Tiffany—sophisticated and sensuous, proper and passionate—as his rightful bride-to-be, knowing that he has but one heart to win.

Tiffany is told that she must marry the eldest son of her estranged father’s neighbor in order to settle a feud that has been going on for years!  Reluctantly, she travels west to meet the father that she believes never loved her because he hasn’t visited her over the years.  However, Tiffany hits upon a splendid plan that will allow her to test the waters of her father’s true character—she will pretend to be his new housekeeper!  Before she can fully realize her new plan and avoid meeting her estranged father at all, she is taken by the Callahans as soon as she arrives.   Seeing a new advantage, Tiffany agrees to work for the Callahans where she can ascertain Hunter Callahan’s character as well, without anyone being the wiser!  When her duplicity is exposed, Tiffany has realized that she can’t marry the charming Hunter Callahan because he appears to be in love with her alternate personality, Jennifer the housekeeper!  Will Hunter be able to sweet talk Tiffany in to becoming his bride, or will she head back east as fast as she can?

One Heart to Win was a pleasantly sweet romance with likeable characters that seemed to get caught in their own little machinations as they dealt with life in the west.  I wanted a bit more from this Johanna Lindsey novel though.  I had cut my teeth on her earlier works, but One Heart to Win seemed passionless compared to her previous endeavors.  Something seemed to be lacking in One Heart to Win, and perhaps Ms. Lindsey is reinventing herself from her older stories, but I really miss the old ones.

When Hunter and Tiffany do get together, their love scenes are extremely tame and less than a page long.  Getting to the bottom of the family feud and her parents’ estrangement was intriguing, and I liked the way that was wrapped up in One Heart to Win.  However, I expected a bit more from Hunter in regards to Tiffany’s deception than what was revealed in One Heart to Win, but perhaps that was keeping with his character throughout the story.

As long as readers aren’t used to her earlier works, they will find One Heart to Win an entertaining read.

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