ONE NIGHT HEIR by Lucy Monroe

ONE NIGHT HEIR by Lucy Monroe
One Night Heir
by Lucy Monroe

Published by Harlequin Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

Only a royal wedding…Bitter life lessons have taught Crown Prince Maksim Yurkovich that duty must come before desire. His country needs an heir, so when he discovers his lover can't have children, he must sever their ties. Only Maks can't resist spending one last night in her bed.…can avert this royal scandal!Now he faces the biggest diplomatic crisis of his life. Against all odds, Gillian Harris has become pregnant. Maks's royal reserve masks the heart of a fierce Cossack warrior—one who is not above using their mutual passion to convince a hurt, wary Gillian that she must be his queen!

Crown Prince Maksim Yurkovich MUST put duty before his own wants.  He has been dating Gillian Harris for a while, and she appears to check all the boxes.  They were just getting the reports back on that all important one—can she have a child?

Gillian believes that Maks is ready to pop the question and hasn’t even bothered to read her report which could shred her marriage prospects to Maks!  However, Maks gives in to his desires and has one last night with Gillian before he lets her down.  Gillian is hurt, deeply, but soon discovers that she can reproduce.  Gillian doesn’t plan on telling Maks yet, but his “helpful” cousin lets him in on her secret.  Now Maks must scramble to convince Gillian that he doesn’t just want her because of the child she now carries.  Will she relent or will she make him work for it?

One Night Heir was an enjoyable read that explains Maks’ duties fully.  It’s not what many would have to deal with, but he does.  I never felt that Gillian was a complete victim here.  She knew what his duty was, she just didn’t realize, at the time, that she couldn’t fulfill things in One Night Heir and that he truly cared for her more.  Gillian did stand up to Maks at times and refused to fold too quickly in One Night Heir and that was a nice little change.  Maks and Gillian do work out their problems over the course of the story instead of all at the end, too.  There is an interfering third party in One Night Heir, but they are there to help Gillian see that what she believes isn’t true at all.

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