OPPOSITES ASSENT by Stephani Hecht

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OPPOSITES ASSENT by Stephani HechtOpposites Assent by Stephani Hecht
Series: Underground Fortitude #1
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

In the year 2050 Earth was invaded by creatures people called Outwarders.  Tall, ugly aliens, they were difficult to destroy and would kill several humans before they were taken down.


The city of Detroit was in ruins.  Jared is well aware he’s in charge because his superiors have died.  Humanity is hanging by a thread.  They are losing the fight and as if that wasn’t bad enough a small group of humans have gone completely crazy, doing hideous things to their own people on the fringes of the city.


Injured are being treated by Avis who doesn’t even hold a degree, yet he’s better than the veterinarian they’ve got to rely on.  If they can’t come up with some way to fight the enemy, the Outwarders will own the planet and humanity will simply be a memory.


A chilling look at the world’s end begins in Opposites Assent.  This first installment sets the scene for a population on the brink.  Their harsh, bleak existence comes across, as does Jared and Avis’s feelings for each other.  Disaster and triumph Opposites Assent is not a world for romance, yet Jared and Avis find a way.

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