THE OTTER’S TALE by Charlie Richards

THE OTTER’S TALE by Charlie RichardsThe Otter's Tale by Charlie Richards
Series: Paranormal's Love #20
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

The decision to leave home within the Amazon became easy for giant otter shifter Jerome Laguna once his family was targeted.  Life under a bigoted Alpha was difficult for him, but involving his family crossed a line so Jerome chose to leave before the situation escalated further.


College student Aziel Boltson recently had his eyes opened to a whole new world recently when one of his football buddies mated with a gargoyle.  Between school, football, and being an honorary member of the gargoyle clutch Aziel’s life is as full as he’d want it to be.


Working out on the mansion grounds and gathering plants for his classes near the pond Aziel sees a conflict about to start between an alligator shifter friend and an unknown creature – a huge otter.  As Aziel tries to intervene he’s injured and the otter realizes he’s hurt his mate.


Fighting an infection is just the beginning for Aziel and his new mate.  News from the Amazon doesn’t look good.  The college student and the giant otter will be forced to wade through a ton of trouble before their mating can be official.


The Otter’s Tale is the latest sassy and sexy story in the A Paranormal’s Love series.  Charming characters and a hint of dramatic suspense are intertwined for the readers’ entertainment.  Romance and trouble from afar bring the engaging story to life. The easy, breezy The Otter’s Tale is start to finish satisfaction.


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