OUR OMEGA by J. J. Black

OUR OMEGA by J. J. BlackOur Omega by J. J. Black
Series: Great Lakes Wolves #2
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound


Sitting alone in his room.  Brooding.  Barely eating or sleeping.  It’s been months since Noah Steele was rescued from the clutches of his own father, Alpha Charles Steele.  Destined to become an Alpha in his own right Noah no longer feels capable of fulfilling his destiny.  He feels broken inside, unworthy of ever taking on the responsibilities of an Alpha.


He’s been taken in by the Grand Rapids Pack lead by Alpha Kellan Reeves and Alpha mate Eli Steele, Noah’s little brother.  Given time to heal the once proud shifter is also avoiding one of Kellan’s pack, Beta Dax Marshall.  Noah strongly suspects the Beta is his mate and he refuses to saddle anyone with a defective mate like him.  So far Dax has been out on constant missions and hasn’t figured out their bond.


Whether from bullying or cajoling from Eli the Alpha mends.  And the moment arrives when Dax becomes aware of their bond.  Noah doesn’t stand a chance against Dax’s persistence in completing their bonding.  Their relationship’s barely begun before the Beta’s team is sent on another mission which Noah insists on joining to protect his mate. They’ve received rumors of another of Alpha Steele’s breeding facilities and it must be shut down.  Taking control of the facility Noah and Dax make a mind blowing discovery – they have an unheard of third mate.  A triad bond is extremely special and so is their mate Landon Parker, a rare, revered Omega.  Knowing their enemy will want Landon back is one of many concerns for the future.  Now is the time for the Alpha, the Beta and the Omega to fulfill their destiny as a triad.


Abundant emotional drama and multiple layers to the storyline Our Omega guarantees a stunning story and delivers.  A large cast of intriguing characters, a well thought out plotline, and angst aplenty makes for an extremely entertaining tale.  Noah is a flawed, fractured Alpha, Dax brave and sure of his place in life, Landon the enigma they revolve around.  Readers are also treated to lots of sizzling hot knock your socks off sex between the mates.  High octane on all counts, Our Omega is an absolute treat. Can’t wait to see what happens next with the Great Lakes Wolves.


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