OUT OF LIGHT INTO DARKNESS by T. A. ChaseOut of Light and Into Darkness by T. A. Chase
Series: From Slavery to Freedom
Published by Totally Bound Genres: MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Running away because his Master refuses to take his blood or sleep with him, Sven is nonetheless dragged back home to await his owner’s pleasure. He ran because he didn’t think the Master cared and doesn’t want him to see how close to the surface his own feelings are.  Brought home Sven is surprised and concerned to learn of Master Andor’s health problems.  After all who would believe that a vampire could become ill?

It must remain a secret as long as possible that Andor is sick.  Something is slowly leaching his strength and his sight.  The only logical explanation is that someone is somehow poisoning his human herd.

Sven believes the only reason Andor had him retrieved was because of his untainted blood.  He doesn’t know that the centuries old vampire truly desires the young human but doesn’t know how to express his feelings.  It’s been so long since Andor dealt with his feelings he’s now out of his league.  Convincing Sven that he’s worth more to him than a blood source may be beyond the Master.  Regardless, time is running out for Andor and Sven to be together. If he dies the new Master is sure to cull the herd of past favorites.

Emotions run high when a Master and his human’s love are threatened in Out of Light Into Darkness.  A powerful vampire is brought low by intrigue and love, his savior comes in the form of a naïve, uncompromising young man.   Miscommunication is the biggest stumbling block for the pair when one has forgotten the art and the other has yet to learn how.  Out of Light Into Darkness offers a pleasurable romance, good drama, and a bit of mystery to the mix.  

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