OWNER OF MY HEART by Valentina Heart

OWNER OF MY HEART by Valentina Heart
Owner of My Heart
by Valentina Heart

Series: Mending the Rift #2
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

The kingdoms of Jede and Kari have successfully united with the nuptials of King Merin and Prince Rin.  At least that is the intent, though recently word has leaked that the high council of Kari plans to install Prince Rin’s cousin on the throne.


Two previous attempts on Rin’s life failed.  On the third try Merin and Rin are handed the most horrific of outcomes when the Prince loses the children he is carrying.  Bereft with pain he withdraws into a shell that Merin, also grieving, cannot reach.


Healing takes time.  Eventually Merin is able to help Rin recover. Though the prospect of another pregnancy scares the couple they are able to rejoice when Rin conceives once more.  Their happiness is tempered however with the news of a foreign enemy at their border.  The possibility of a family will hopefully give them the strength to fight an unknown foe before it is too late.


Emotions run high in Owner of my Heart as hell falls down upon the living.  Merin and Rin’s pain is palpable in this intense story.  Coming to terms with loss is touched on with dignity and honesty.  Owner of my Heart walks a hard road and manages to shine by the end. Broken hearts mend while a shocking twist leaves room for another tale to come.

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