P. O. W. by Max Vos

P. O. W. by Max Vos
P. O. W.
by Max Vos

Published by MLR Press Genres: Contemporary, Gay, Menage
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

A helicopter drop behind enemy lines goes to hell for a team of Marines sent to capture a Taliban Warlord.  They are shot out of the sky and two who survive are captured then brought before a psychotic relative of their target.

 Marine Sam Stone has kept his sexuality and love for his team mate Benoit a secret for years.  Caught, humiliated, and tortured Stone and Benoit aren’t sure how long they can hold on mentally.  Their chance at escape comes at the hands of one they considered an enemy, one who is just as much a prisoner as they are.  Trust could mean death or liberation. 

 P.O.W. doesn’t pull any punches on the horrors of wartime and terrorism.  These men manage to survive because of how they feel for each other which comes across in the plotline.  Scenes of rape and other heinous acts are a realistic part of P.O.W. which will be hard to read though it appropriately figures into the story.  A tough tale to swallow, nonetheless P.O.W. highlights the power of leaning on those you love and care for.

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