PASSIONATE IMMUNITY by Elizabeth Lapthorne

PASSIONATE IMMUNITY by Elizabeth Lapthorne
Passionate Immunity
by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Series: The Agency #3
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Coming of Age, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

 Kimberly Melmoth is a scientist who has always craved a grand adventure.  When a friend’s husband requests her help, Kimberly jumps at the chance to help out an investigation with the Agency; it’s a dream come true to Kimberly.  She might admit out loud that it’s a simple task, but inside she is doing the happy dance and hopes that she can find some way to increase her part.  Kimberly is also hoping that she just might find her Bond and passion.

Tristan Walters has been a spy for a long time and when he is asked to investigate a mystery found in the records of the Agency mole, he jumps at the job.  After all, Tristan’s last partner was killed recently because of the mole.  This is a way for him to try and put that hurt behind him and to help the entire Agency move on.  However, Tristan is blindsided by the passion that springs up when he meets the fun blond scientist who has agreed to help out.

Although Kimberly was hoping for a bit of passion with her mission, even she was surprised how fast it hit and that Tristan feels the same.  That first day it was hard for both of them to keep their focus on the job and not on each other and their mutual feelings.  It quickly becomes obvious that something strange is going on at a laboratory from the data and when it’s decided that a break in is necessary, Kimberly wrangles her way into that job too.  Tristan might have agreed to bring Kimberly along, but he knows that keeping her safe is his and his partners’ job.  That instant passion bubbles over just as the most dangerous part of the job is about to begin.  Will Tristan be able to keep his mind on looking for the data and answers or will having Kimberly there beside him be one distraction too many?

An unexpected job brings an adventure seeking scientist the love of her life in a handsome spy as they look for answers in Passionate Immunity.  I could tell that nothing was going to slow Kimberly down when she was given the chance to help out the Agency.  I could tell that Tristan was still having a hard time from the killing of his partner.  Yet, when he is offered the task of investigating a mystery located in the mole’s records he never expected to find love at the same time.  The quickness of meeting to erotic explosion proved to me that both Kimberly and Tristan were meant to be together.  I was surprised that Kimberly was allowed on the break in.  Again, it was her expertise in lab work and data that brought her and Tristan together in the first place.  While Kimberly and Tristan’s future might be figured out, the things they found at the lab only brought up more questions and answers.  I can see that a book 4 will be needed at the very least to answer the additional questions.  Passionate Immunity is a quick moving story with erotic passion and deadly danger and just light hearted enough to bring a smile.

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