PASSIONATE VENGEANCE by Elizabeth Lapthorne

PASSIONATE VENGEANCE by Elizabeth Lapthorne
Passionate Vengeance
by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Series: The Agency #5
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Abigail Turner only went to the doctor for a checkup and when her blood tests came back, she agreed to a series of shots meant to help her with a deficiency.  In reality, she agreed to the beginning of a nightmare of pain and confusion. Abigail can’t understand what is happening with her body lately, but in a weird dream a knight saves her and gives her hope.  One night the man with her knights face breaks into the room Abigail is being held in and rescues her. 

Lucas Sloane is an agent for the Agency and he knows better than to let anyone he comes across while working a case to affect him.  Yet, from the first time he learns of what is going on with Abigail, Lucas is driven to find and save her.  Research shows Lucas and his partner just where Abigail is being held now and that is all he needs.  From the moment that Lucas walks out of that place with Abigail, he is determined to be her hero in real life.

Abigail isn’t sure if she can believe the story that Lucas and his partner tell her about the shots she was given and the doctor who gave them to her.  However, Abigail knows that if they are telling her the truth, then she wants vengeance for all the pain and suffering she has gone through.  Lucas agrees to let Abigail help them track down and capture the doctor, but at a distance from the danger.  While this is going on, the passion that was instant from the minute they laid eyes on each other is distracting both Lucas and Abigail.  In Lucas’ profession distractions can mean you or your partner getting seriously hurt or killed.  When the doctor is located, it takes everything Lucas has to keep his mind off of Abigail and on the mission.  When things go sideways during the mission, will Lucas and his partner make it out to their loved ones?

An agent and a victim come together in a blinding passion amongst a dangerous case in Passionate Vengeance.   Lucas and Abigail have to find a way to finish the case that brought them together while getting a handle on the feelings that are flaming between them.  I wasn’t surprised to see Lucas pushed until he found the location where Abigail was being held.  I wondered if Abigail could possibly feel the same as Lucas after everything she had been put through but it was very easy to see that Lucas was helping her deal with it all.  I enjoyed watching as Lucas and Abigail worked to finish the case while exploring what they were feeling.  When the final battle unfolded, I wondered if Lucas would get out and be able to have the promising future with Abigail that seemed so bright.  Of course, love won that day for everyone.  Passionate Vengeance is filled with suspense and passion with bits of friendship and humor that made it a page turner.

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