PEACE by T. A. Chase

PEACE by T. A. ChasePeace by T. A. Chase
Series: Four Horseman #5
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The Angus Dei, a messenger angel, Lam is a fairly insignificant, innocuous heavenly being who has secretly managed to free the Four Horsemen from their duties in order to find mortal love.  If that wasn’t dangerous enough Lam has chosen to break the most forbidden of rules.  He’s fallen in love with the most vilified of beings – Lucifer Daystar, the fallen angel.


A gentle, sweet soul Lam believed that his relationship with Lucien wasn’t known.  He was wrong.  Lam paid a horrible price.  The Archangels took his wings and banished Lam from the heavens.


Suddenly Lam was no longer on Lucien’s radar.  He couldn’t find his little angel anywhere, he couldn’t feel his lover’s presence, and Lucien was becoming frantic.  More powerful than the Archangels Lucien would become as vengeful as mortals painted him if he couldn’t find Lam.  The heavens and the mortals would rue the day if something had happened to his very own little angel.


Fire and brimstone are nothing compared to the heat between a messenger angel and the fallen angel in the aptly titled Peace.   Compelling and intense Peace is a well written, passionate love story.  This character driven romance pulls out all the stops as Lam is wrongfully punished and Lucien begins to tear the world apart during his search.  A unique twist on heavenly beings, Peace is an excellent read.  With enough backstory anyone can truly enjoy Peace.

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