Peanut Goes to School
by Thea Harrison

Series: Elder Races #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
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Reviewed by Jo

Dragos Cuelebre is no longer the only dragon.Dragos's son Liam Cuelebre (a.k.a. Peanut) is springing into existence, reminiscent of the first of the Elder Races who were born at the beginning of the world. At just six months of age, he has already grown to the size of a large five-year-old boy. He can read, write in complete sentences, and his math skills are off the chart.A white dragon in his Wyr form, Liam also holds more Power than almost anyone else. In an effort to give him a taste of normality, no matter how fleeting, his parents Pia and Dragos enroll him in first grade.They hope school will help teach Liam how to relate to others, a vital skill that will help him control his growing Power. But school has a surprising number of pitfalls, and relating to others can be a tricky business.When a classmate is threatened, Liam must quickly learn self-control, how to rein in his instincts, and govern his temper, because there's no doubt about it--he is fast becoming one of the most dangerous creatures in all of the Elder Races.

Liam Cuelebre (better known as Peanut) is growing up by leaps and bounds and he may only be a few months old but he is the size of a 5 year old and just as curious and mischievous as any other child that age.  His father is the most powerful man in world and his mother might not seem as powerful, but Liam knows she would move mountains to keep him safe.  But none of that is on his mind right now, Liam has a huge adventure because he is going to school – first grade to be exact.  Liam knows that he is also powerful, even as young as he is, yet he knows that he needs to takes these next steps as just a very intelligent young boy and he really attempts to do that.


However, it seems that the gods are testing him to see just how together Liam is this young because he faces several hardships his very first day.  The biggest lesson that Liam learns in the next few hours is that bullies can come in several sizes, guises and ages.  He also learns that there are some battles he can handle and then there are some he needs to bring his big gun back up – his parents.  Liam also learns several other things in a few short hours and most of all he learns just how much his parents love him and what they will do to protect him.


Power comes in many forms and one little guy just might become the most powerful being around, well if you don’t count his father, and just like everyone who enters life as a child he has many lessons to learn.  Liam begins his journey to learn all of those lessons in Peanut Goes to School.  I have to say that I fell in love with Liam when he was still becoming a being and that love has only grown as I have seen Liam deal with so many things at such a young age.  This time I watch as Liam learned just what bullies are and that they can come in so many shapes and sizes.  I cheered as Liam proved his dominance to some and knew just when he needed to call for his back up.  And I don’t mean Dragos, I’m talking about Pia here.  Liam also had me smiling because I can see that he is going to be one heck of a handful for not only his parents, but also those who are trying to protect him and let’s not even get into the parents of any of the girls that he will charm.  Peanut Goes to School is a lovely adventure that will have you wanting to just hug Liam to pieces and fist bump his parents on a job well done.


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