PENAL STATION 05 by Valentina Heart

PENAL STATION 05 by Valentina HeartPenal Station 05 by Valentina Heart
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loose Id

A prison riot on Penal Station 05 resulted in condemning everyone trapped within the facility to a lifetime of incarceration, including the remaining guards and prisoners due to be released.  Each month food and supplies are dropped within the central cell along with new condemned prisoners.  Over time they evolved into their little civilization where the strong survive and the weak do not.  Newcomers are considered fair game and the spoils of anyone who can claim them.


On the latest drop Jared is among the fresh batch.  As he is being overwhelmed by several inmates he admits that he was a guard on another station wrongfully condemned.


Sar has always ignored new prisoners in the past.  He takes as many supplies as he can to use or trade until the next scheduled drop.  Going against everything he holds dear Sar saves Jared from the certainty of gang rape or worse.  One of the biggest and strongest on the station Sar keeps Jared and begins to train him to survive.


Learning the ropes and settling into his new life Sar and Jared are concerned when another drop, an unexpected one happens and brings men with an agenda involving Jared.  The life Sar and Jared began to carve out won’t survive what’s about to happen.


Penal Station 05 is a riveting, dark and distressing look at lost lives.  This character driven tale concentrating on two unlikely prisoners will absolutely grab the reader.  Truly heartbreaking twists and evil turns will thoroughly engage you in their unique love story. It’s not the easiest romance, but Penal Station 05 is a captivating page turner.

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