Perfect Imperfections
by Cardeno C.

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

The entire world knows of Jeremy Jameson.  It’s not a boast or arrogance.  He is the son of famous parents, one a star of the silver screen and the other a rock god who died of an overdose.  His gift as a talented singer/songwriter puts Jeremy on magazine covers.


About to start another world tour to promote his latest album Jeremy takes a breather in a nondescript bar in tiny Mundo Park, Arizona.  Hours of sipping beer and chatting to bartender Reggie Moore the singer comes up with a bizarre idea.  Jeremy is lonely while on tour and Reggie is saving up to trek around the world.  Why not travel together?


Jeremy’s manager spins a romance for the world to explain their relationship that his client is coming out.  Reggie is muscular, rugged, and gay so he doesn’t mind while Jeremy says he’s indifferent to sex.  Ironically, during the course of the tour Jeremy discovers that Reggie isn’t just good company, he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the rock star, in bed and out.  So, what happens when the tour ends?


A delightful blend of charming story and sexy characters.  There is nothing wrong that Perfect Imperfections cannot fix.  Jeremy and Reggie are complete opposites and exactly right for each other.  Readers will have to suspend disbelief that there aren’t more problems between them in the early days of their relationship.  But it’s worth it in this lighthearted look at love.  Just go with the flow, enjoy their snappy dialogue, and let Perfect Imperfections make you smile.

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