Pia Does Hollywood
by Thea Harrison

Series: Elder Races #8.6
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author


Life has been exciting for Pia and Dragos.  First, they have to deal with a murder victim found in their D.C. house during an important dinner party and, at that same time they discover that Liam will soon be a big brother.  Now, Pia has to head to Hollywood and spend a week with the Light Fae as their part of the pack that was agreed to with the humans during that meeting in D.C.  Pia and Dragos know that they could get extra time to make the visit, but because of the baby, they decide to do it now and to do it their own way.  After all, it is Dragos and his family we are talking about.


Pia isn’t even in Hollywood for 24 hours when she knows beyond all doubt this is not going to be a quiet and simple visit.  It appears that the Light Fae have been trying to hide something and now instead of just coasting through a week visit in the Southern California sunshine, she is going to have to help Dragos fight some unknown affliction and then help him, her guards, and the Light Fae to destroy whatever is infecting the Light Fae and threatening to infect all of the Elder Races if it gets a chance.  You would think by now no one would utter the words, “What could possibly go wrong.”


Pia is hoping to fulfill an obligation the Wyr have to the Light Fae due to an agreement with humans and instead finds herself fighting for Dragos and the Elder Races once again in Pia Does Hollywood.  I had a feeling that things would not go as simply as Pia and Dragos were hoping as the week started, yet I didn’t expect things to get crazy even before things could be unpacked from suitcases.  Once again, when one of the Elder Races tries to keep something quiet it, takes Pia and Dragos to clean up the issue.  I loved this latest adventure with Pia and Dragos, and if you thought Pia’s last pregnancy was great with Liam, just wait until you meet the newest little Wyr-to-be.  I can foresee many a gray hair and lots of patience in Pia and Dragos’ future—totally in a loving way. Pia Does Hollywood continues a baby arc in the Elder Races and is full of the same humor, suspense, and deep love that I have come to expect from stories involving Pia and Dragos.

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