PINT-SIZED PROTECTOR by Charlie Richards

PINT-SIZED PROTECTOR by Charlie RichardsPint-Sized Protector by Charlie Richards
Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #30
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Recently a team from the Stone Ridge pack freed more than a dozen kidnapped, traumatized shifters from a hidden laboratory in Russia.  On their return to Colorado most recuperated and left, though a few joined their pack.  One troubled shifter, an Andean mountain cat has yet to show his human side.  So far he’s refused to shift and he’s only calm when around the two wolf brothers who freed him from his cage.  To help the little cat Teague and Cecil Rochette agreed to keep the shifter at their home.


Cayden Rochette’s latest assignment for the pack involved negotiating new territory rights with a southern pack.  Glad to be home Cayden isn’t sure what to make of their house guest until he catches the cat’s scent.  Fate certainly has a sense of humor to match a wolf and a wild cat because it’s going to take restraint and patience to win over the little feline.  The wolf never expected to need his professional skills to work on a mate…


And to make matters more difficult, some of the southern pack members aren’t happy with the new treaty. Not happy at all.


The consistently entertaining Wolves of Stone Ridge series unveils another winner in Pint-Sized Protector.  Dominant Cayden is exactly the right mate for feisty, naïve Ajax.  As always with this series solid character development and an action packed plotline entertains the reader from start to finish.  Relationship troubles and danger from another pack keep the story moving briskly along.  Characters from previous books also pop in to enrich the tale.  Pint-Sized Protector shines.

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