Playing the Witch's Game
by Zoe Forward

Series: Keepers of the Veil #3
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Jennifer Marcos is one of the Pleiades witches, a group of women with special powers granted by one of the Greek gods.  All of the Pleiades know that they rarely live long and that they must have a female child prior to their deaths in order for their line to go on.  Because of this, they hunt for their one and Jennifer is certain she might have found hers.  However, in order to get that guy to spend more time with her, Jennifer must agree to and be picked for an extreme partnership game in which this guy is the commentator and to do that, she needs a “boyfriend.”


Nikolai Jovec is an ex-Soviet spy, and he is also a direct descendant of a Greek god, one who deals in death of bad people.  Nikolai is positive his one is Jennifer, but he can’t risk trying to bond with her until he can take care of an evil stalker who wants his child because of the potential power he will have.  When Jennifer asks Nikolai to play the part of her boyfriend in her insane idea of being a contestant on an extreme TV game show, at first he says no, but then agrees to the try-out thinking they will never be picked.


It quickly becomes apparent that something strange is going on when not only are they picked, but they are rushed to the starting point with no time to prep like all the other constants have had.  Right away, they both figure out that Jennifer’s insane insistence to be on this show was caused by magical interference. Now, they have to figure out how to play along to find out who was behind the magic and why, while staying alive during the daily assignments of which there are risks of serious harm or death.  As the days go on, things are getting more dangerous and the evil magic seems to be affecting more than just Jennifer.  When the final answers come apparent, will Nikolai and Jennifer come out the winners, or will the evil magic win the day?


Two descendants of Greek gods learn that you need to trust what fate has in store for you instead of pushing for what you want in Playing the Witch’s Game.  Even I could tell that Jennifer’s actions were strange for her from the beginning.  I could understand why Nikolai was trying to stay away from Jennifer, yet I wasn’t surprised when he gave in to her insistence to play the game, especially when he had to think about her being in that atmosphere with another man.  I loved how they worked together, especially when they discovered how Jennifer had been affected.  I also loved how they let their attraction, which quickly became much stronger, turn into love and trust as the game when on.  The aftermath of the final battle changed more lives than just Jennifer’s and Nikolai’s, yet I knew as I turned the last page, that all would be okay.  Playing the Witch’s Game is a great romantic suspense story perfectly mixed with a paranormal twist.  I will be watching for the next couple in this world to have their chance at love.

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